Birthdays in July

There are a couple months in the year that is chock a block full of celebrations and one of them is July. ¬†There isn’t a week in July that goes by where there isn’t a birthday wish to be made ūüôā

Today is my niece, Mabel and my little friend Aira. ¬†Yes, they were born on the same day ¬†and today they turn 6!! ¬†Happy Birthday sweeties!! ¬†This is the last year your girls will be in Kindy and then it’s big girl territories from next year onwards. ¬†I can’t stop saying this but you all keep growing too fast.

Over the weekend and in between my work schedule, the family got the July babies together and did dinner celebrations!!

Nothing like a simple dinner shared with family to make a birthday that much more special. ¬†Love you all so much and here’s to more moments like these!!