It’s Glee for adults … actually if you ask me Glee isn’t meant for children but Smash is most definitely not for children, maybe not even for teens but it has the same fun singing element that I love love love about Glee.

Starring Debra Messing and Anjelica Huston (I like *clap clap*), it’s about the making-of a broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.  Talk about all my favourite elements all in one show!!  Now if I could work on a project like that, I could be as happy as when I watch the show.  It makes me miss theatre but also shows me that producing anything that looks fun is nothing but hard work.  It’s also the thing I realise I like doing – producing.  That just means I’m a tad of a masochist … if it isn’t hard work, challenging and some what painful, I’m not into it :p

From the outside, it’s strange and people can’t understand why.  Quite honestly, I don’t too.  What I do know is that when you’re part of something that takes hard work to put together, you appreciate it so much more when it gets done.  I’ve had a few opportunities where I got lucky enough and its kinda like a drug.  When you’ve tasted it, you just want to taste it again 🙂

Watching Smash is my way of vicariously living my dreams.  One day 🙂 Maybe one day, I’ll get to do it all and my post will be complaining for hard it all is :p

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