I have always fantasized about getting them but I never actually do.  Why?  I don’t enjoy pain and anything that requires pain usually gets stuffed to the bottom of my priority list.  In all honesty, I have issue with permanence.  Change I can handle and in fact, maybe even thrive a little on it but permanence … I’m not so sure.  It’s come from living long enough to know myself, what I like today, I may not like a couple of weeks from now.  Let alone a couple of years.

I always liked the idea of a bunny with my chinese name or my parents’s names or my children (if I ever have them).  I know it has to be something that is significant to who I am and what I want to be reminded of.  It has to be subtle too.  I’m a less is more type of design person.

Though I’ve never found a design I liked enough to permanently scar my body FOREVER, I’ve toyed with a couple and thanks to the people at PeTA here’s my favourite for now.

While I’m all for cruelty free, I’m not going to tattoo it on myself.  Just the bunny design 🙂  I’m also unsure about my Chinese name, 陈淑丽.  Some days I want to include it and other days I don’t.  Which font?  Vertical or horizontal?  If I had kids it’ll be their Chinese names for sure.  Seeing that there is no kids, I’m back to not being sure what exactly I want.  With my parents, do I get Daddy and Mummy or their names?  The former seems generic and the latter a tad rude.  Now, you get my conundrum that is called my mind :p

So I just going back to just thinking about it, fantasizing and wondering if “getting a tattoo” will ever find its way on my bucket list?