It’s been a couple of months since I started my Say NO to Multitasking campaign.  It has been productive here and there and it is true when my Popo told me I shouldn’t be watching TV and reading at the same time, I shouldn’t have.  You don’t actually do either very well.  I’ve learnt that multitasking is the great way I distract myself.  I think I’m being more efficient but really, I’m stuffing my state of mind with so many things that I don’t focus on what matters.

I multitask to procrastinate.

It’s terrible habit and one I’ve acquired as a young child.  That means changing it now is proving to be more difficult than I had hoped.  Every time I have to do something that is low on my personal priority list … usually because it’s boring or I have to be tough to someone else to get it done or it takes too much effort to do, I’ll do it while multitasking i.e. procrastination in action!!

Now that I am aware of why I multitask.  When I realise I’m multitasking, I assess the task at hand, one that I so don’t want to do.  Figure out why and break it down to smaller do-able bits.  Some days it’s good and I feel on top of the world and no one can stop me!!  Some days … are just Mondays and I want to scroll through pictures of my munchkins coz they make me smile 🙂

Doing that and proof reading really gets neither done effectively.  If you don’t tell anyone, here’s my plan – spend the next 15mins reliving the weekend and then the next hour and a half proof reading 🙂

Good luck for your week ahead!!