Second Half of 2012

I’ve been away for 2 months.  I did get busy but I haven’t written mostly because my opinions have largely been negative and even though this is my blog, I’ve kinda decided that there’s enough negativity going around in the world.  I’m hoping this space can be the other perspective, one that isn’t so cynical, one that isn’t so hopeless and especially one that isn’t so negative.

I don’t do new year resolutions but I do mid year ones.  Here’s mine for the next half of 2012, reflect.  Yes, if you’ve been in my head, it’s a really noisy place and most of the time I have a filter that doesn’t let it out.  Lately, the filter hasn’t been as hardworking and I worked a couple of drafts, which I’ve had to delete.  I reread them and realise if I write as soon as my emotions get the better of me, it isn’t usually who I want to be.

It’s a new mid year start.  Even though I know I’m no one to judge, my first untamed instinct usually is one of judgement.  Negative thoughts are so first half of the year anyway 😉  Here’s to honing other instincts – positive thoughts!!