All We’ve Got

I love the Singapore public transport system.  It is a reflection of what we are really good at, being efficient and reliable.  I love the fact that in Singapore, I choose to take the bus or trains because it is a better alternative to driving.  So yah, I’m taking it a little personal when the people behind the system don’t seem to understand the urgency of what’s happening.  I’m not talking about complaining about how our lives are made inconvenient by delays.  Seriously, I agree take a chill pill, this happens in cities everywhere around the world.  In many cities, people factor delays into their already inefficient daily commutes.

My concern is this, like it or not, Singapore as a city we don’t have much but what we have is that we’re efficient, reliable and we make things work well.  Honestly, that’s pretty much all we have.  Once that starts to get eroded, I’m not sure what else is there.  We don’t have resources to allow us to be complacent and arrogant.  Innovation and culture are something we talk about rather than do.  So, yes, I’m worried.  If we don’t keep doing what we do well and get better at it, we are in serious trouble.

That’s my miff with the SMRT.  Also, the blame game that’s going on, it doesn’t help anyone.  Just find out what’s wrong and fix it.  I sure as hell hope that in the background people are working their ass off to make sure we do what we do well, happen again.

Breakdowns happen in London, in Tokyo, in New York, in Melbourne, in Vancouver and just because all these world class cities drop the ball doesn’t mean it’s ok that we do.  Then again … hang on … maybe this is all a good thing.  Once we can no longer be efficient and reliable, we may be forced to innovate and in desperate times art is cathartic and will flourish.

By golly, I’ve got it!!!  That’s how the other cities do it!!  Crap public transport systems force people to develop innovative and creative mindsets.  If how you normally get to where you go disappears, you got to think on your feet, move fast and figure it out.  In the midst of all that frustration sets in, you may even get a little depressed and we all know depression fuels the need to express.  Viola!!  That’s how culture is developed.

It all makes sense now.  The conspiracy theorist in me has joined the dots.  The SMRT breakdowns are a part of a bigger plan.  Singapore – a first world country, we are on our way.

Trust no one.


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