If my friend didn’t think of going to watch Battleship, I probably wouldn’t have.  I was a little curious to see how they could translate a board game into a movie but if they can do it with a theme park ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, why not a board game?  So I was going to catch it the next time I was on a plane or when it eventually goes on TV but I ended up watching it on IMAX.

I had fun and that was the kind of movie it was 🙂

I would have had more fun if it was a Michael Bay movie.  No offence to Peter Berg but he has an eye for drama that isn’t necessary for a movie like this.    My take – decent enough effects, no proper story, one has to seriously suspend belief, not enough action scenes but well done on bringing the board game play into the movie.  It’s not something that needs to be seen in IMAX or more than once though.

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