If I believed in past lives, I bet one of mine was that of an Indian.  I feel really comfortable in India.  That said, my Indian experience is a really sheltered one.  Especially with the new Indira Gandhi International Airport you would never think you’re in India!!

Then you walk by McDonalds and see a veg tikka burger!!  Only in India, will you find a vegetarian burger at a McDonalds 🙂  Great for me!!  ‘Cept I don’t make a stop at McDonalds.  Hell no, in India I’m going to get my fill on the different rotis and curries.  I actually didn’t feel I did enough of that.  I’m still craving for aloo paranthas.  Anyone who knows where I can get good ones in Singapore?

I was warned about the Dehli Belly but I’m happy to report there was none of that with me 🙂  I think it’s because we didn’t stay long in Delhi.  My husband, on the other hand, probably did :p  He was ok in Delhi but by the time we got to Chandigarh, his tummy wasn’t too happy that it was in India.

It took him all of about 24hours to get over the bug.  All in all just enough time to enjoy the rest of the break in India.  Though the days were warm, the nights were pleasantly cool.  I truly feel rested and recharged but the next time I come back to India, I want it to be the October/November time.

Till then, dhanyavad India!!!

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