Hello There Sam

Yesterday, little Samuel Tay decided that he was ready to come into the world!!  With the hospital just a skip, hop and a jump from where I live, I dropped by to say hi back 🙂

I’m still in awe of how amazing Mummy Daph looks.  Completely relaxed and calm, even when Sam was fussing, she was a picture of calm, which I knew if I were ever in her shoes … I’d probably be rather anxious :p  Daddy Dan was impressively nurturing too 🙂  Grandma was enjoying being there and catching me up on confinement ladies of the past and how mothers are so different today.  While I was there, our other friends, Les and Alina popped by too and with them was their little girl, Sophie who I haven’t seen she came into the world some 3 and a half months ago.

She was sweet, playing so very nice and oh so smiley!!  You know, just like her Daddy and Mummy 🙂  Lucky me to get all the baby fix I need in one visit!!

It’s going to be a little while before Sam will be out on play dates but I’m sure big brother Jonah wouldn’t mind a distraction or two.  So see you soon Sam!!  Meanwhile, here’s his parting shot at me as he was being wheeled to get his vaccination shots.

Yah, buddy I so know how you feel … I wouldn’t want a needle anywhere close to me too >_<

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