The Amazing Race

I’m such a reality TV junkie :p  Especially Survivor and The Amazing Race, which is in it’s 20th season.  Can you believe that?  It’s episode 4 and already I’m hooked, I so live vicariously through the different teams.  Since I now know I don’t have the stomach for Survivor, I can only hope that one day I get to play The Amazing Race.  When I get the chance I have a list of people I think I can possibly play this game with.  It has to be someone I’m close enough to so I can share a room with them, be completely candid with yet at the same time not too close so that we’re still patient enough with each other and not go at each other’s throat as soon as something goes wrong.  As you can tell, I have thought about this list for a while now.

Honestly speaking, this game does, at times take sheer brute force so my practical side reckons that my Amazing Race buddy has to be a guy.  As much as I would love to do this with my husband, he is definitely not into running around the world, doing crazy stunts and possibly having to put up with a grouchy me.  Unfortunately for my husband, I feel 100% comfortable with him, so much so that some times I can give Oscar a run for his money in the grouch department.  Most of my friends don’t even get to see the half of it :p  I’ve gone through my list and here goes nothing on the guys I would ask to be my Amazing Race buddy.

All four of them are very strong 🙂  Yep, they will be able to lift and do all the manly stuff that may be a little way over my head.  They’re the types who are open to eating anything too!!!

Starting with my brother-in-law in the bottom left hand corner, Rob will be game for any task and he is as patient as his brother, my husband 🙂 but he lives in Canada.  Next in the right bottom corner is Zack who would be the perfect partner to charm our way out of any fix.  Again he’s also incredibly patient.  ‘Cept I don’t know if he’ll be up for running around and not having time to see the sights :p  In the right hand top corner is Marcus, again patient to the hilt and completely reliable.  You can’t tell from his face in the picture, he’s also a gentleman.  Only thing is, he probably doesn’t want to do the race with me :p  He knows me well enough to know I can get grouchy.  For a couple of hours in Singapore when we’re hanging out, it’s probably ok for him but days on end while running a race.  I’m not sure if he’s up to it >_<  Then there’s Jason, Daddy to my lovely Goddaughters.  He will be game for ANYTHING and has the right spirit for the game – there is nothing we can’t overcome.  He isn’t the most patient but he won’t take anything personal, which is perfect for the race.  Unlike the rest though, he’ll have to give up time with his girls to run a race with me and I doubt he’ll do that :p

The thing about me and any of these guys … we’re too boring to be picked.  Nothing exciting for reality TV :p

However, most of the girls in my life would make interesting teams with me and no disrespect to them but I think most of them aren’t interested in running the race … well, not at the stage of their lives right now.  My sister and I would be a hoot for reality TV and she would do it because I ask her to but the first task that happens in the a mall and we’re out of the game.  She’ll be too distracted shopping to do anything else and I do want to win the race 🙂  I’ve also watched enough seasons to know a 2 women team is fun to watch but there are some tasks that are just biased against a lack of brute strength and stamina.

Oh well!!  One can hope and that’s what I’m doing today coz daydreaming keeps the moments when I don’t have my iPhone that much more entertaining :p

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Race

  1. LOL!!!!!! Well can’t help you out in a brute strength game but if you need a partner in “Eat all kinds of Food/Junk” contest….for hours on end……you know exactly who to ask!!!!! 🙂

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