37 and Wake Boarding

I hope I can still say that when I’m 47.  The next 10 years are going to be quite revealing but for now, I’m relishing the present and today, I’m just glad that I got up early hung out with family and a sweet friend for a bout of wake boarding.

I wasn’t breezing through it, it’s not tomorrow yet and I’m starting to feel the aches.  I did have a swell time though!!  Enough to want to do it again 🙂  Maybe we can do this every 2 weeks!!

Let’s see what this 37 year old body says tomorrow.

Meanwhile, this video was done entirely on my iPhone.

Not bad, huh?  The world our children are growing up in is so different from ours.  I’m looking forward to the iphone 5 🙂

One thought on “37 and Wake Boarding

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