Turning 37

Usually I don’t forget my impending birthdays and I’m the kind that actually enjoys getting older.  Youth is completely wasted on me :p  that said, I did enjoy all the different ages I’ve been but there’s a security that comes with getting older that I really embrace.  So it’s a little surprising to me that my 37th practically creeped up on me.  One reason is that work has been a little busy and more challenging that it has been for me in a long while.  Before I knew it, it was February 24th again 🙂

Got to say, birthdays rock!!  With family and friends living all over the world, I had wishes coming in from everywhere through the day over different time zones.  It’s really warms your heart when, in spite of time differences, love ones remember your birthday in your time zone.

From cities in Australia to ones in the US to Switzerland, even London and especially back home in Singapore, my loved ones reminded me how much they care 🙂  And even if I nearly forgot myself, no one else did!!  I do have a really charmed life.  Of course, the presents were lovely to receive as well 🙂

God has truly blest me when it comes to family, friends and colleagues.  Everyone should be so very lucky.

Thank you to my dearest family and friends!!  You all make growing older so very enjoyable and the celebrations continue into the weekend simply because of them.  Truly, I’d be no where without my love ones 🙂