Life is Complicated

At a ripe old age of 37, this is what I know for sure – life is complicated.  Everything else, I’m still undecided.  Yet, I strived for simplicity and the ability to be able to choose to be simple.  That was my hope for my 36th year on this earth – just keep it simple.

This year?

I can’t quite believe how I’m officially 37 today and no where close to where my parents were when they were my age .  Life was complicated for them too, life also got real hard.  Life can get complicated for me and some times it gets hard too but by and large, the hardness I’ve faced in my life is truly not hard.  Here’s where I have to say the past 37 years have been pretty darn charmed.

I don’t always get my way but I’m sure someone is looking out for me.  That’s because like a circle, every now and then life gets complicated and when I think I don’t have what it takes to handle it, a life line is thrown at me.  Call it what you like, in my life I call it God.  My logical mind can’t get around it and through my teen years I struggled with the theory.

In my late 30s, I know God is complicated too 🙂  and it’s very unlikely that I’ll get it in my lifetime.

This year my aspiration is simple 🙂  Complications, as much as I want to run away from them, I’ll never be able to.  Its really how I manage these complications that will reveal who you really are.  So with each new year, I hope I keep learning and for this year, I want to to be able to deal with complications a lot more calmly.  Yes, like with every other year, I don’t know what is going to happen but I can be pretty sure, there’s going to be complications and I just want to be more calm.

Happy Birthday to all the other Feb 24-ers too!!