Why Blogging Works for Me

It’s been about 8 months since I got back on Facebook, jumped two feet into Twitter and Google+, developed a LinkedIn and Tumblr accounts … not quite into foursquare but I’m into social media WAY more than I would prefer.  And after 8 months, I think I’m qualified to have a decent opinion about it.

I much prefer blogging.

In my opinion, the rest creates clutter.  WAY too much clutter.  Social media, networking … it works and you have to work a lot too.  Sifting through posts that pop up quicker that a popcorn maker.

With blogging, I know people who really care about me will be willing to come back and check out what I do.  The odd person or voyeur comes but it’s less accessible compares to Facebook or Twitter or whatever else so unless they really care, they won’t be back.  More importantly, I’ve come to realise this about myself … I’m more into myself than I am into other people :p

A friend commented once that the social butterfly that I am should lap up all the social networking capabilities of the 21st century and not struggle with them as I do.  Well, the truth is this, I’m a lot more self absorbed than I realised >_<

I post online mostly for myself and a place to hold memories that I use to jot in journals.  The thing about posting online that I really appreciate, is the fact that anyone can read it.  It makes me more responsible about my thoughts, makes me think them through and not just shoot my mouth off.  I still may have one or two occasion where I do that but the online medium adds that layer where I honestly ask myself is this what I think and why should I feel this way and who is the person I want to be become.

Even with my journals and as young as 9 years old when I started, I always wrote with the thought that someone could be reading them.  Yes, I did say I’m self absorbed :p  I always imagined my sister, my children or my husband finding them after I’ve gone and getting them published.  So yes, narcissistic me always tried to write honestly so that I may touch someone one day.

That makes me more responsible about my thoughts and that’s why I blogging has become an integral part of my life.

Hmmm … now the question is …  I wonder if the few people who do read my blog no longer drop by … will I keep it going?