Soul Mates

My husband told me that he never heard the term ‘soul mates’ used so much until he came to live in Singapore and reckons that Singaporeans are obsessed about finding that one person that is meant to be theirs.  I don’t know about Singaporeans but maybe it’s just me and my friends.

Soul mates.

That one perfect person for you.  Do we really only have one person?

10 years ago, I’d say yes.  Again here’s why I love getting older and truly understand my Grandfather’s catch phrase, “Wait till you get older, you’ll understand then.”  In truth, he never said that to me.  It’s one of those things he told his children and not his grandchildren and my Daddy, his son in turn used that phrase on me more than just a couple of times when I was growing up.

In my 30s, I know soul mates exist.  That person that gets you, inspires you and makes you happy.  In my 30s, I know there’s more than one 🙂  In my 30s, my soul mate has been redefined to moments I share with love ones who allow me into their most vulnerable times and let me be part of their world.  In my 30s, my soul mates are tender moments that my husband, my little sister, my parents, my munchkins, my cousins, aunts, uncles and my friends share with me.  In their time of triumph when pride fills my heart and draws from their strength and victory.  In their time of defeat when they open their wounded heart and allow me to give the strength back.  Now that I’m older, that’s what soul mate means to me.

Soul mates, a term conjured up by marketing folks to sell the hit romantic comedy.  In the real world, it is but a moment of pure connection and love is a journey made of these hits and misses.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my dearest family and friends!!  Without whom, I’m that bitter lonely old lady who doesn’t even keep cats ;p