The Tides Will Change

It’s so hard to think that when you’re going through a hard time.  I’m not that old, all of 36 years but I guess, long enough to know for sure, suffering just like joy does not and will not last forever.  I had a long chat with a friend who just had a miscarriage.  She’s sad.  Her second in less than 6months.  The topic soon covered her sharing stories with me on how she’s actually in a better shape than most people.

She lost her nephew 2 years ago to cancer.  He was but 8 years old and battled a rare form of cancer for 2 years.  Her sister, she told me, understandably, still struggles.

Her good friend lost his daughter a couple of months ago.  She was 13 and taking a walk with her friends.  A guy planning to kill himself ran into her and off a cliff along the Pacific Coastal Road in California.  She died instantly.

Four years ago, her colleague lost her mom, sister and two children in one plane crash.

What is a miscarriage?

And in my case, what’s the big deal about plans not going as planned?

It is so easy to get sucked into our suffering and feel that there’s no hope.  It’s all about perspective.  Granted, it’s something hard to hear when you’re struggling but whining certainly isn’t my style.  Internally, I hear enough of it already … yes, you have no idea what a day is like in my head on some days, so every now and then when I do get a little down, I choose to be happy.  I remember hearing that line somewhere, “when you’re sad, just choose to be happy” and thought, damn, that’s lame … now, I reckon it’s not only possible, it’s true.  One can choose to be happy, some days it’s easier to do and other days, it takes a whole lot of effort.

Today it’s one of those easy days and why I’m writing, it’s for the hard days when even getting out of bed seems hard.  Time will pass and the tides will change, like it has for million of years, it’s not for eternity 🙂  So if you are having a bad day, here’s a little hug from me to you and I hope that gets you through today.  It’s probably Friday the 13th jinx too 😉  Everything will be better tomorrow!!

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