Renn Lim by Renn Lim

Parenting is a skill that no one teaches you.  You learn it from your own childhood, your parents, other peoples’ parents but the thing I’ve learnt watching my own parents, my parents-in-law, my uncles, aunts and friends, parents do the best they can for their children.  Renn Lim by Renn Lim, is an exhibition by an 8 year old and a testament of great parenting, the kind that I’ve been fortunate to enjoy myself – supporting and loving your child.

I bet when Renn scribbled on a sketch of his right hand, Renn Lim by Renn Lim, he never thought it would be the catalyst for an exhibition of his own.  That’s what parents do think for our kids … sometimes we get it right and some we don’t.  As long as we try our best, I don’t think we can stray too far off.  So my dear friends, Claire + Pann, took that little sketch as a sign of what they have always know, Renn had a passion for drawing and painting.  There you have it, why the exhibition came into being and if Renn ever forgot it, I’ll email him the link to this post 🙂

Meanwhile, if you live outside of Singapore, here’s a peek into the exhibition that reminded my husband and me that we should do more with our own doodles.

Here’s another reason why Renn can be the artist he is.  I’ve said this before, half of the good that I am comes by being my parent’s daughter and the other half from having my little sister.  Little sisters are great!!  They can drive you crazy and teach you things like patience and not being selfish but when they give you the love and support only little sisters can, you have all you need in your head to kick ass.  Aira is that wind beneath Renn’s wings and here’s her with her favourite Renn painting.  She was angel throughout the opening night, the little social butterfly who entertained and played nice.

The star of the night was basking in all the glory and enjoying the show like a professional.  Something tells me that whatever he does in the future, art will be something that runs strong in his veins.