Sweet Office Locations

That’s what I got at the moment.  Strangely, my very first job was along this very street – Waterloo Street.  It’s in one of the few HDB cluster in the city and surrounded by a quirky eclectic mix of this and that.  It’s central yet not smack in the CBD.  There’s enough food and amenities close by and whenever I need I can saunter to Bugis or Raffles City for a bit of city shopping.  Best bit, some of my favourite vegetarian joints are just around the corner 🙂

To top it all off, the other day as I was walking through our complex, I stumbled on an installation art piece.

Some may say it’s pretentious and others inspiring, me … I love the fact that I can watch an old uncle talk shop about car parts, turn around to see an art piece and walk up three floors to my office 🙂

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