The Office

One reason why I’ve been slow with my posts is that I now have an office and no longer work off my dining table!!  So time that I’ve saved being in transit is back in the schedule but it’s transit I really enjoy.  Yes, with my office right smack in an interesting part of town, public transport is a breeze and I spend transit time catching on on emails, games and TV shows.  Don’t you just love your smartphone?  Seriously, what did we do before that?

Anyway, back to the office and my sole colleague, Farah who I do feel bad for some days … you trying imagining being stuck with me in a room for 8hours … now you know what I mean :p and we share a little room that is all Cloudpic Singapore.  My husband dropped by the other day and commented that from the first time he met me some 10 years ago now, my office table has always been the same – adorned with pictures and toys.  To which I replied, I have to be inspired to work effectively 🙂

It’s a cozy little room just enough for the two of us and the occasional visit from the team from the US.  The office is part of a co-share space called SmartSpace.  Perfect for start ups that want to be part of a bigger space but only need some space.  Anyway, the office comes with the basic desks and chairs, for everything else, there’s always Ikea 🙂

So Farah and I also went off to Ikea to get a little storage unit and supplies.

Viola!! Two of us, girls put it together 🙂  Yep, you really don’t need guys for Ikea furniture.  Sssshhhh don’t tell them that!!  We need them for other things though 😉  So we can’t go pissing all of them off just yet.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Singapore and in the Waterloo Street area, drop by.  We’ll be happy to show you around, have tea and tell all you need to know about cloud-base applications 🙂

Now it’s back to work.  Have a good work week everyone!!

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