Growing Up Catholic

For me, the relationship with with God is a very personal one and no one should dictate how you and Him want it to go.  Being in a religion, it’s completely social :p  Yes, going to church, temple, mosque, any house of worship for me has always been more about a social event than a spiritual one.  Yes yes yes, I know there’s somewhere in the bible that says something along the lines that man is no island and that the more people that pray together, the more God will be there, which honestly to me, I don’t understand but I’m not going to belittle.

It’s simply because if it is anything I’ve learnt, I seriously don’t know anything.  All I do know is that God has been right next to me all my life. Even when I never asked for His help, He was there.  All of this I can only know after the fact.  So that’s all I’m going to remind my 3 little goddaughters as they grow up.  Build a relationship with God like you would with anyone else, it’ll take time and effort.  Talk to Him daily and make time for Him even when you don’t need to.  Pretty much the same with any relationship in life.  Honestly though, it won’t take as much investment as other relationships and He will never forsake you.  Why?  I’m not exactly sure but He hasn’t forsaken me ever and I’m no saint.

So when my friends ask me to be Godmother to their children, a quiet little voice goes off in my head wondering if they’ve made a right choice :p  Do they know how I feel about organised religion?  And that I don’t believe in hell but I do believe in aliens.  Well, they pop by my blog ever so often so they’ll know now 🙂

And all I’m saying is that, too late!!  It’s official 🙂  As of November 13, my two other Goddaughters went through their rite of baptism and will probably go to Catholic schools like I did, struggle a little with the logic and learn that above all things, God is all love.  Well, if they don’t, that’s my job I guess 🙂  From Nov 13, it’s official and I’m Godma to the Teo girls.

To little Natalie and Nicole, may the light of Jesus shine on your both always!! Remember to ask God for strength, serenity and wisdom … everything else like the dinosaur toy or banana for dinner you really want will just fall into place 🙂