The Wongs

Back dated post, which should have gone up about a month ago :p

Another baby has flown the coop.  That means I have a baby to visit the next time I go to Shanghai 🙂  Yipee!!  More reasons to go to China.

Phoebe is such a sweetie.  She lets me cuddle her and sits quietly in my arms as we’re having dinner and my favourite bit about her, she wants to eat everything in sight.  She’s definitely a little bit of Mummy and a little bit of Daddy and as easy going as the both of them.

I caught up with Phoebe and her parents last week before they got on a plane and made their delayed but big move to Suzhou, China.  Daddy Wong runs one of Singapore’s pioneer animation studio and is off to to run their China arm.  Mummy Wong is one of Singapore’s pioneer kick ass producers.  They truly don’t make them like they use to and it’s a little sad to see the industry loosing yet another talented producer.  She’s putting up her producing hat for a bit and putting on her mummy hat where in China she’ll be doing the whole tai tai thing.  Though her tai tai gig includes cleaning, washing and cooking 🙂

All the best to the Wongs who will be in China for winter.  Bbbbrrrrrr!!!

See you all soon!!!

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