Working With My Hands

It’s no big secret, I’m not a girly girl.  If I never got into theatre and acting, I may never actually wear make up but I did and there’s a part of me that really enjoys looking pretty.  By and large though, I’m a tom boy at heart.  When my Mummy wanted to buy her first born baby girl dolls and dresses, I asked for cars and guns.  Everyone knows how much robots get me all excited.  Then going to an all girls school where we were imbibed with the thoughts that anything is possible.  I’d like to think I’m as handy with my hands as the next guy.  In fact, I like to think I’m better than most guys :p

With that, I’m sharing a secret … one that I won’t tell my Dad just yet.  I don’t think he’ll be reading this post any time soon but I bought a TV console and fixed it up even though my Daddy reckoned I shouldn’t :p  In fact, I fixed up three things in a span of an hour and forty minutes.  A laundry bin, a coat hanger and the TV console.

Strangely the toughest one to fix was the laundry bin on the left.  It’s a metal frame that I had to literally hammer together.  At 9 in the night, I wasn’t sure if my neighbours were going to be banging on my door from all that racket but bless their souls, no one actually complained about the 15minutes worth of metal clanking loudly against each other :p  The TV console was truly not as tough as I had expected and the coat hanger was as simple as a jigsaw puzzle.


In truth, when the faucet in my kitchen sink decided to give way, I was so tempted to fix it myself too.  Nooooo, I’m not crazy and trying to channel my inner Tim The Toolman Taylor just yet.  I’ll stick to the Ikea fix it type furnishing for now.

Till then the Kre-O Bumblebee will feed all my building needs 😉  Happy Children’s Day!!

P/S: I told my Daddy about me putting it altogether and let’s just say, he was duly impressed 🙂

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