All of 5 Years Old

Nope, I’m not talking of my niece, Mabes nor my Goddaughter, Nicole nor my little friend, Aira. ¬†Though all three of them were born in the year of this blog, which makes me a blogger who turns 5 today ūüôā ¬†I say this every year, I never thought this blog would have lasted this long but it has.

In tribute to the 5 years, here’s a look at 5 posts, one from each year that represents a time in my life that has contributed to the person I’m slowly growing into.

It’s interesting to see how far this blog has come along and honestly, I didn’t think I’d last a week. ¬†

It was a GREAT day for a wedding and funny how a simple picture is all I need to remember the most subtle and special moments of the day.  It was taken just before my sister, my maid of honour and I got into her car to go to the church.

Me, me and more me. ¬†Sometimes I forget that I’m¬†narcissistic¬†that’s why this blog has lasted as long as she has. ¬†This post reminds me ūüôā¬†¬† We certainly have evolved since that post and I’ve included a couple of very personal thoughts on some issues since then and that’s why I’m appreciating this blog more too. ¬†When I need to reflect on my life that is so readily shared to the world, I go through the different posts and remember parts of me that I’ve forgotten.

From 2009,¬†¬†because before that I hardly wore sunnies and now I’m very rarely without one. ¬†That work trip changed a lot of things for me too, made me realise a lot of things about myself and the people I work with and for. ¬†For better or worse, it worked in my favour … even though it didn’t seem like it at that point in time ūüôā 2010 was a roller coaster for me and this little girl pretty much stole my heart.  My little Goddaughter, Rachael kept it all real for me and why I try harder.

That’s all for today. ¬†Thank you for coming by and keeping this blog alive. ¬†I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have writing :*