Fare Ye’ Well Dear Telly

Needless to say, I get attached to things, people and situations.  I’m a true romantic who does get very sentimental.  It isn’t the trait I wear on my sleeve but one that I am now more comfortable with as I’ve gotten older.  So when our dear TV, Telly who has served us well in the last 20 years (yes, read ’em and weep, 20 whole years) decided that she’s off to TV heaven where the angels need to watch TV too, I was undeniably sad.  Took me a while to find her replacement and when I did, I couldn’t help but feel she’s got big shoes to fill.  Like they say, they just don’t build them like they use to.

Telly came into our lives when projection TV was the in thing.  So Telly 2 or T2 as I like to call her, is the LED/HD rage, nope, she isn’t a Smart TV with internet capabilities.  I reckon that we all have laptops, smart phones as it already is … I’m old school that way, I just want to watch TV on my TV.  So here’s T2 and let’s see if she manages to break dear ole’ Telly’s record.  I’ll have an update in 2031 🙂

Meanwhile, we’ll miss you Telly and thank you for the years of wonderful TV watching.  The living room truly isn’t the same without you.

P/S: Watching T2 makes me feel like I’ve gone for lasik :p  Is TV watching suppose to be this clear?  Poor Telly, we did work her way over her due date.

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