Season 23: Survivor South Pacific

I would win this game if I decided to play it.

Survivor is like life but really it isn’t.  39 days and a million dollars.  That is not life.  Life is way more than just 39 days and it isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about how you live your life, the experiences you share and the journeys that make you who you are at the end of the road.

Survivor is just 39 days and all about winning a million dollars.

Sure, you could play survivor for the experience then please don’t complain when players get ruthless.  They ARE playing a game.

Which brings me back to the fact, if I ever decide to play this game.  I’m going to be all Russell and play for the win but hopefully with a little more charm so that people still vote for me in the end.  It’s a crazy balance, which is what I LOVE about the show.  Can people actually balance that? Can I actually do it?  I’d like to think that’s where my theatre degree can help.  Is it possible to play a part for 24 hours everyday for 39 days and not crack?  Hell yah, if I had all my creature comforts but with the camping and battling challenges, I’d have to say I’m not sure.

So yes, if you asked me today, nope, I can’t play survivor.  If the day ever came that I can say yes, I’m going in to seriously play the game.  I’d create a whole role who’s main objective is to be liked and win a million dollars.  Honestly, you can’t really do that without some level of deceit.  Even my ultimate survivor Yul, couldn’t play the game without being completely honest.  Real life isn’t a game.  Well to me at least.

For now, it’s back to real life where I try my darnest at treating people how I would like to be treated.  Doing that in Survivor, I’d probably be the 4th person voted out of the island 🙂  Here’s me living vicariously through Season 23.

2 thoughts on “Season 23: Survivor South Pacific

  1. I think the best Survivor for me is that Korean American guy..can’t remember his name. But he ended the show with his alliance all still in awe of him..and he managed to conduct himself with honour while winning the game. Quite amazing.

  2. Hello Auntie!! That’s Yul, my ULIMATE FAVOURITE survivor!! Aiyah, even he had to lie too lah. Got to face it, you really can’t play this game with 100% honesty. If you are then won’t win one.

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