I LOVE doing laundry and I’m borderline psycho about it.  How nutty, you ask?

I’m so particular about it that even my amazing squeaky clean Mummy doesn’t do it right by me.  Truth be told, she’s too clean.  I don’t use hot water for all my wash, just some.  Most people just separate between colours and whites.  I separate by colours and then by type of wear.  Just to name a few categories like T-shirts are different from shirts or skirts and pants or dresses or pjs or underwear.  Doesn’t mean I’m obsessively clean, if I were I’d be just like my Mummy 🙂 I’m just bugged by order that make sense to me and not to most other people.  That’s the nutty part.  I also don’t like to wash too many articles at any one time.  Simply because I like to space my laundry out well when they dry.  And my favourite part folding clean laundry 🙂

from 2 different loads

So I’ve been relishing the fact that I have the washing machine all to myself to wash my laundry just how I like it.  Yes, I agree it isn’t normal but I’m not a psychopath yet.  When my family have lovingly helped with my laundry, I don’t go all ballistic although I feel like I might :p I say thank you and think of ways to hide my dirty laundry.