Fur Nieces and Then Some

My cousin has kids and I have nieces and nephews.  My sister has fur kids and therefore I have fur nieces 🙂  While part of me thinks animals should roam freely, the other part knows there’s nothing like the exuberance of a dog when you come home or how a kitty curls up to you that makes all your problems seem inane.

Since my husband and I have agreed to a no pet policy in the Tan-MacLaughlan household, I live vicariously through my sister and Jen who are proud humans to Wagsy and Moxie.

My sister headed off to Perth to visit our parents and Wagsy is over for her ‘boot camp’.  Yes, I’m the no nonsense human who does not tolerate accidents :p  Maybe it is a good thing we have a no pet policy at the moment.

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the next couple of days with Wags!!

And out of nowhere, back to a more regular programming of human babies, here’s the latest picture of my little-est Goddaughter, Natalie.  She’ll be 6 months in a couple of weeks and feeding all the baby needs I have now 🙂

You can’t tell me that gorgeous smile doesn’t melt your heart!!  Can’t wait to cuddle her 🙂