There’s a restaurant chain in Canada by that name but today’s post is about my favourite – babies!!!  The milestones in the development of a baby is what makes every day slightly different from yesterday.  In the first 2 years, it’s amazing how fast they grow and develop.  Each stage brings the biggest applause and smiles in the adults around them.  So when I received this video, I couldn’t help but watch over and over again.

Well done, Lulu!!  * applause*  Can’t wait for the one where you roll over and back 🙂

Another friend who has a baby just one month older than Lucy apologised the other day for being a fervent supporter of her baby.  I say, ” Hell, don’t apologise and never apologise for being a proud parent.”

I’m no super extraordinary genius but my whole life growing up, my ardent supporters were my parents.  They helped me believe that I can achieve anything I want, my smallest achievements were just that – achievements.  So there were none to small that would make them pat me on the back and smile with pride.

Of course though, they balanced it with reality.  They knew they couldn’t let it go to my head, which happened more than once or twice.  That’s the tough bit about parenting achieving that balance.  Sure, if we could we’ll keep our children happy ALL the time and protect them from pain and suffering but the truth is life is a combination of both.  Without pain and suffering how can you be grateful for your joys and achievements, which is what parents have to tenderly impart to their children.  Sometimes it can’t be done tenderly and you have to literally pull the chair from which your child is tooting her/his own horn on.  It’s been done to me once or twice and when my parents didn’t have the heart to do it quite so vigorously, God did (quite vigorously, I might add too >_< ) and they like any loving parent, were there to help me up, encourage me along and be my strongest cheerleaders.

So back to milestones, as each child reaches theirs so do parents as they try to navigate the world and protect their growing children.  It never stops and I’m so grateful that my parents still watch over my developments and cheer at my milestones.  At 37, when I learn from my mistakes and try to keep living life to the fullest, it’s like flipping over as a 4month old.  While it isn’t something my parents can record with their iPhone, they like Lulu’s loving parents to her, are my fervent supporters and why I reckon I can overcome anything that life throws at me 🙂

Such are the similarities I share with my dear 4 over month old friend, Miss Lucy Su 🙂  So it looks like life is going to be sweet for you too 😉