Cooling Off Day

While the candidates can’t say anything today, I can ponder all I want about the first time I get to vote for my president.  I wish the candidates made it easier for me to pick.  Some might disagree and say it’s very obvious who to vote for but the President doesn’t lead the government and his role as our constitution has it, is quite different.

In my opinion, he needs a true heart, the fortitude of a good mind and iron clad balls to stand up when he needs too.  In my even humbler opinion, none of them has all three.  Most have two and truth be told, I don’t know enough about them as individuals.  In the last 9 days, I’m sad to say none of them was able to convince me that they had all three of what I want my president to have.  It’s not easy task to campaign in 9 days and show what usually takes a lifetime to reveal.  Our late President Ong Teng Cheong showed it during his term; while there was an inkling before, I could not have known for sure.  If he had to campaign I could only guess as I am now, sussing these candidates out.

I’m not one to judge but in this instance, I have to.  I have to look at all 4 candidates squarely and make a judgement on who comes closest to these three attributes that I want in my president.  So the first time I vote for my president, it’ll be like going to the casino, which I’ve never really done anyway.  I’m going to take a bet and that’s the best I can do.

Unlike the General Elections, where I knew the kind of government I wanted for my children and grandchildren and how we can slowly take a step in that direction.  The role of the president is largely an untested one.  He isn’t the one that sets the vision or the one that develops the policies.  He is the the check in the balance.

I wish there was a she but since there isn’t, he has to have a true heart that is not self serving, the fortitude of a good mind to cut through bullshit when it’s being thrown around and iron clad balls that is not to be confused with bravado, which is so easy to bring on when one is angry, scared or confused.  Sigh … iron clad balls … strangely, I know more women who have them 😉

Oh well, like I said since there isn’t a she, I’ll have to go to the closest he who does.  You can be sure, I’m trawling through all the information I can get my hands on today and hopefully, one will reveal himself.

Like the General Elections though, make your vote count.