Post Curry Day

Only in Singapore would a National Curry Day happen and in many ways I’m very grateful for it.  I’m gone for only 3 weeks and come home to the fervor that is curry.  Like any true Singaporean, I love my curries.  Indian, Chinese, Malay, Eurasian … heck, any curry, I’ve yet to not like a curry, bring it all on Thai, Japanese, African.  I’d probably enjoy them all.  So when I heard that a fellow Singaporean had to cook curry only in moments when their neighbour was not home, I thought it strange and was somewhat bewildered.  I’m glad so did many Singaporeans.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know the whole story and they are both probably very lovely families.  That simply renders my opinion here bias and I’ll be willing to be proven wrong.

Till then, here’s my thoughts on the matter.  I’ve been very fortunate and have lived in different places and experienced many different things.  There was one thing that struck me about immigrants, how they cling to their own way and not adapt to the new ways of their new home.  It happens every where in the world where immigrants stick together, eat their own food, hang out together, complain about their fellow native citizens and don’t try to truly interact with the people they share their new homeland with.  It’s strange to me because why move there in the first place.

For some reason, I have a feeling that last statement will come bite me in the ass when I move away some day :p

All I know for today is that I’m glad that I’m inclined to stinky food … yes, durian, blue cheese, smelly tofu (which my husband likens to dog poop), exotic spices, if it has a powerful pong chances are I’d go for it :p  So I won’t have problems with a neighbour in that respect.  My poor neighbours though, all past, present and future, I eat and  often crave for these stinky food types.  Bring on the pong!!

Again another statement I may regret some day.

Meanwhile, life lesson here for me, there’s going to be crazies everywhere and by that I mean people who don’t agree with me … yes, that’s a lot of people, I know, life would be simpler if everyone just agreed with me!!  Did I hear someone call me a narcissistic egomaniacal twit?  There are days my husband would agree with you.   So let’s start with my husband 🙂  I can’t change my neighbours or change to suit them but I can try with my own home and me – complain less and keep an open mind.

4 thoughts on “Post Curry Day

  1. You are so right and observant about immigrants or even just exchange students (most) sticking together … that statement won’t come and bite you in the ass lah hahaaa.. you are the adaptable kind, can tell! Transformer type.

  2. Welcome back! We all need to meet up soon! :=) Like you, I love stinky food but smelly toufu tastes like dirty underwear to me, not that I’ve eaten undies but its like how I think it’d be….I remember I was starving and came across this chou dou fu stall on the streets of Taipei…so desperate I popped one in my mouth only to spit it out in shock and horror….eeeks….I love tempeh and that “hou joo” thingy tho…

  3. I love 臭豆腐!!!Think you need to try the right ones, same with durian and cheeses 🙂 the wrong one can give you a bad impression. Too bad in Singapore we don’t have any but yes, feels like FOREVER since I last saw you!! Love to Paul-ie too!!

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