Happy Second Birthday, Rachael Dear!!!

Doesn’t time just fly by?  I can’t quite believe my baby goddaughter, Rachael is two and a toddler!!  The thing I’m super bummed about this summer trip to Vancouver is missing her birthday, which is today.  I’m so taking her out to celebrate once I’m home!!  A Strawberry Shortcake themed celebration too!!  I have to say, she’s a Sesame Street/Strawberry Shortcake type of toddler.  Not too girly, not too boy, just about right 🙂  She’s going to be alright!!  Yes, I’m the bias Godma :p  Seems like it was yesterday when she was still mumbling and didn’t have much hair :p

At two, she’s surely developing her own strong personality and in true Tan fashion, she’s a fiery one who may even give her sister a run for her money 🙂  If you know the girls in my family, you’ll know what I mean 🙂  We’re mostly warm and friendly till you rub us the wrong way :p  Hopefully, both my nieces will learn from all their Tan aunties and balance it out more.

So to my dear dear Rachael, I hope your day (which has already ended in Singapore but is just beginning is Vancouver) is filled with love and happiness.

In honour of your 2nd special day, I’m celebrating it with vegan cupcakes.  They not only look good but taste really yummy too!!  Just wish you were here too so I could give you a MWACKS and a big hug.  Missing you much!!!