And In Between it was Taipei

It’s so long Shanghai and hello Vancouver.  I’m in the Taipei airport waiting for my flight to Vancouver.

Shanghai was again another learning experience.  Each time I go to China, I’m exposed to more than what I knew before and sometimes it makes me discover more about myself than the city I’m in.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get my head around the country, the people and their way of life.  So far it still intrigues me and I’m curious to see how we can engage the Chinese more.  I’m looking forward to a post one year from now and keeping my fingers cross that the bets we’re placing will all pay off.

Meanwhile, I’m excited about Vancouver 🙂  It’s a little work and a little fun too!!  It’s been a while since I was back in Vancouver for summer.  2003 to be specific.  So after the many winters, I’m so so so looking forward to a Vancouver summer, which is the BEST time to be there.  Can’t wait to update from there and share the beautiful pictures.

One more thing, I’m going to a new trade show too!!  SIGGRAPH. It’s going to be a tad too tech for me but what the heck, my inner geek is raring to find out how much of a real geek I am.  My day self though isn’t delusional, yes, I do like gadgets and  I know I can put a play, a film, a story together from scratch but to build a computer … I can watch someone do it 🙂  That said, I am inspired by a Transformer sculpture to start hunting from scrap metal 😉

Till Vancouver, have a beautiful week ahead.