Juicy Lucy

Ask and ye shall receive.  I asked for a distraction and she came in the form of the very juicy Lucy!!!  FINALLY Auntie Carl gets to meet Lulu!!  After so many weekly updates and fantasies about carrying the latest addition to the Choo-Su household, I get up close and personal with the little Miss Lucy Su!!

Isn’t she just so precious?!?!  Although I was bumping into Mama and Papa Su a lot before Lulu decided to grace the world with her presence, I’ve been super busy since she arrived, April 12 2011.  So she’s the PERFECT distraction to take my mind off fantasy land with transforming robots and remember what the real world is about.  The smell of babies and how lovely it is to cuddle up to them.

Thank you Lulu for a perfect visit!!

You know, it’s been a girly filled bunny year so far.  Every baby I know that’s born this year has been a girl, from my Goddaughter, Nat to Lulu to Gen’s niece, Mirabelle and my friends Karen, Susan, Vivie, Cindy and Adriana’s respective little girls Phoebe, Calista, Zoe, Tricia and Camellia.  That’s 8 baby girls I know born this year!!!  Where have all the boys gone?  Ohohoh, I do have a friend, Sharan who’s about to pop, like seriously any minute now, she’s having a little prince 🙂  To all my friends whom I live vicariously through, keep those babies coming, I say 🙂

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