Transformer 3: Dark Side of the Moon

I’ll always have a soft spot for sweet Bumblebee, especially when he’s in car mode but Optimus is still my main robot, Sentinel was cool but seriously not sexy enough for me.  Transformer 3: Dark Side of the Moon is a completely enjoyable movie.  I still have issues with the stories but hey, I’m easy to please when it comes to talking metal crashing robots 🙂

The visual effects team took their time with the transformations in this last installment of the franchise, which is totally my thing.  So I love love loved it all.  It especially gets to me when they transform while in motion and keep going.  I’m not bias to autobots or decepticons, both transformations are equally sexy for me.  I did miss the close up of the robots talking though, there weren’t much of it this time round.  The fight sequences as usual, left me rather speechless.  Like the forest scene in Revenge of the Fallen, there were some scenes in this movie I can’t wait to watch again and again.

The redesigns … again, I like!!  In particular Bumblebee’s car mode, I would so love a car like that, the rims, the warmer tones, even the spoiler :p but it was Shockwave and Megatron that I really appreciated.  What would I give to see the concept art for them?  Maybe I’ll get lucky one day.  As you can tell so far, I really enjoyed this movie.

My take – Transformers 3 is better than Transformers 2 but there’s something about Transformers 1 that makes it my favourite.  I think it’s the first time when I saw Optimus transform albiet in a much clunkier manner than he does now, the feeling that overcame me … can’t quite put it in words.  The first time is always special that way.

Next up IMAX, then 3D and the trilogy marathon.  That should get Transformers out of my system.

All I can say, what a great way to start the second half of 2011 🙂

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