Goddaughter Galore

When your own kids don’t work out just yet, you live for your nephews, which I have one great one, nieces, I’m so lucky to have two beautiful ones and goddaughters 🙂  As of today, 30th June 2011, I’ve been blessed with three.  My first one is my cute as a button niece, Rachael who in one of my previous post is growing up WAY too fast.

My other two goddaughters are a pair of sweet sweet sisters.  Things happen for a reason and that’s why I reckon I became good friends with their parents, it’s so that these two sweeties are my constant reminders that good things do happen to good people 🙂

This pair of sisters remind me of my sister and me.  As different as chalk and cheese but has the same essence.  I’m not sure if that makes any sense but anyone who knows my sister and me, will understand that.  Back to the sisters, the older one, Nicole is a perfect mate to hang out for a day.  I can take her shopping.  She’s a little tomboy like me and we actually have similar interest in toys and an unbridled desire for dramatics :p  Best bit about Nicole, I can have tea and chit chat the day away with her.  Yes, she and I have conversations where she surprises me about what goes on in her little 5 year old head.

Her baby sister is an angel sent from God.  She’s quiet, sweet and cuddles into my arms when she’s sleeping.  What more can you ask for in a precious Goddaughter?  Granted most of my time with her, she’s been fed and is sleeping and I’m looking forward to when she gets older.  For now, the smell of her head … HEAVENLY!!!  I can’t get enough of it … though her parents don’t get it … they say she smells like socks O_o  I don’t get that at all!!  I love love love the way she smells 🙂

I have a hunch now that I’ll only be bestowed with boys :p  which I can deal with.  Hey, at least they’ll have hot godsisters to protect and inherit all the toys I currently collect.  Yah, I don’t get it, I want girls but girl toys bore me a little.  A rather a Nerf gun to a magic wand any time … unless the magic wand actually works :p  Anyway, my poor nephew needs a couple of boys to hang around with.  So till then, it’s goddaughter galore for me 🙂