Playground Time

I bet if the world was ok with adults playing at playgrounds, there’ll be less problems … bbppphhhllllllttt ….who am I kidding, some of the worse wars were fought in a playground.

It’s one of those cynical day >_<

So the need to relive happy moments of the weekend, which brings me to today post 🙂  Kids grow too fast for me so when you have a couple of hours to hang out at a playground with them, it’s really one of those, take-a-moment-to-smell-the-roses type thing.  Rachael, my niece aka goddaughter is no longer a baby … …

She’s a little toddler, which is great because she’s so much more outgoing and interactive but there’s a part of me that misses the baby her.  She’s now keeping up with the older girls, I don’t have to remind them to include her and she doesn’t need my help on the slide any more … …  I’m not quite sure how to feel about that …

ok ok, I’m enjoying the fact that I can take pictures of her on the slide as oppose to holding her hand as she goes down.  As she develops, there’ll be things I miss about the previous stage but other things I look forward to in the next stage.  For now, I’ll take in the moments where they still want to play outside and think it’s cool to have their aunt around :p