More catch up post.  Way before Paris and Nicole, BFFs were already an institution and they were simply called best friends.  In the internet revolution that we’re living in,  it’s a term so loosely tossed around but I’m quite sure it means the same thing for girls today as it did for me growing up.  Some change their BFFs weekly and others know it’s a friendship for life.  It’s that special bond, that girl friend or friends that gets us, makes us stronger, inspire us and I’ve been blessed to have a few very cool ones in my life.

So when I got to hang out with my other Goddaughter, Nicole and her BFF, Larraine who’s back from the US for a visit, I soaked up the innocent girl power energy and watched the both of them supporting and inspiring each other all afternoon.

Nothing like an afternoon made up of shopping, playground play time and ice cream … just about the perfect end for the work week, which is all a blur for me coz when you work from home, there’s really no clear work week :p

Here’s to all my own girl friends who so patiently keep this blog alive, thank you for always being the ones that make being a woman that much more fun than being a boy :p