I ♥ SH

Yet another catch up post that was suppose to come up last week :p  Yes, it’s official.  I left my heart in Shanghai.  It’s my first time there and it was good, every other time I’ve only just been through the city to get to other cities so I’m not quite sure how long I’ll be enamoured for but for now, if I had to go back to Shanghai, I won’t complain 🙂  Granted, I didn’t spend long in Shanghai and I was in a nice part of town but I did enjoy the walk along the Bund and how much easier it is to get around … especially compared to Beijing.

That’s a pretty skyline, isn’t it?  Maybe it’s just the river, I’m a sucker for any body of water.  That’s probably why Shanghai is in my good books.  It’s definitely a city I’m keen to find out more about.  One where I hope I get to spend some R&R time in too.  For now, I’ll enjoy whatever work time I get to spend here.

That’s the view from the M on the Bund.  My cool boss told me that when you’re in Shanghai, it’s the place to have dinner especially for the desserts and the view.  He wasn’t wrong at all 🙂  It was easy to fall in love with Shanghai when that’s the first place you go to.

And the next night we had dinner on the opposite of the river, the Pudong area and I have to say, it was equally as enjoyable … even the slightly less than enjoyable risotto didn’t faze me one bit 🙂

I have a hunch that I’ll be seeing more of Beijing than I will of Shanghai though … such is life, right?  Meanwhile, I take what I can get 🙂