Syak in Beijing

It’s catch up time.  This post was meant to go up last Tuesday and it’s one for Nis and Gen!!  Guess who I saw in Beijing 🙂  Yep, despite the rather intense schedule, I managed to catch up with one of Beijing most talented Art Director, Syak!!

9:30pm on Monday night in the Sanlitun area no less.  With our mango shakes, we sat alfresco, shared thoughts about Beijing.  His from living there for about 24months and mine from all of 24hours.

I wonder if it was sheer coincidence that on my way to meet him, I thought to myself, “If someone overate on KL and JB and threw up, they’ll get Beijing.”  After about 6minutes into our conversation, Syak asked me if Beijing reminded me of Malaysia!!!

No disrespect to any of these cities, they just aren’t for me.  When cities click with me, at some level they inspire me, evoke some kind of reaction … they get the fire in my belly burning or keep me implicitly calm.  I guess KL, JB and Beijing haven’t done that for me. Maybe they’ll grow on me.  I’m keeping an open mind, especially about Beijing.  This definitely won’t be my only trip here so I’m going to make time my next trip to explore more.  I’m determined to find something about the city that will keep me coming back.