Social Media

At the end of 2006, I started a Facebook account, a friend from the US was my first friend.  Strangely, he and I haven’t heard from each other since I left Facebook in 2008.  Sometime in late 2007, when Jules was in Japan, upon her encouragement I started a Twitter account.  She’s also was why I started this blog.  Where would I be without her  🙂

I digress.

Circa 2008, I left the world of social media and wasn’t worse off for it.  My friends and family knew where I was and what I was up to.  I was kept updated with their lives via phone calls, emails, actually meeting up, the occasional holiday together.

Granted, I still kept this blog but if you’ve been a loyal follower you’ll realise it hasn’t been very current :p

Anyway, fast forward to 2011, I’m now back on Facebook and Twitter.  Mostly part work and then some curiosity.  While I knew most things about my friends, they do upload all their pictures on Facebook.  So unless I wanted to be yelled at for being the only one that needed to be emailed pictures, I had to imagine how the party/event/catch up I missed looked in my head O_o

It’s been about a week since I got back actively in Facebook and Twitter.  The verdict … I could live without it >_<  It has an insidious effect on me.  The reason why I left most things social media in the first place was because it took up ALL my time without giving much back to me.  You remember the days of ‘poking’ and email updates when someone did it?  That was a big reason why I left Facebook.  So with better update settings, I don’t get distracted with unnecessary updates anymore but but but there’s SO MUCH MORE happening online than 3-4 years ago.  24hours isn’t enough to sift through all the information that’s online.  And and and if you know me, you know how much of a busybody I am, so I have to look at every latest picture that pops up.  Lament on how I missed a party/event/catch up or two.  Before I know it, I was suppose to be asleep like hours ago!!!  That’s just Facebook.

Don’t get me started on Twitter because I shouldn’t be wasting my time writing this post when I can actually be reading what’s happening on everything I’m possible remotely interested in.  Yes, I’m following animators, artists, designers, technocrats, entrepreneurs, friends, my cousins and my sister.  Everyone has something to say about something and I’m so worried that I’ll miss something, I read EVERYTHING!!!

That was the first three days.  I proud to say, while I haven’t figured everything out, I can now gloss over most information and unless something catches my attention, I go back to real life.  I’ve relied on friends telling me that the pictures are on Facebook before seeking them out and I’ve controlled my reading of tweets to about fifteen minutes, three times a day.

So yah, I’m old school in some ways.  I’ve realised I don’t need to know everything that happens at that very moment.  I think it’s about getting older, knowing that regardless the earth keeps spinning and tomorrow there’s going to be another day.

Or is that what old people tell themselves when they can’t keep up with the younger people?

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