Happy Deepavali

Unlike Halloween, Deepavali is a staple in our year of celebrations.  So of course, my Daddy had a craving for Indian food for lunch today but since it is Deepavali, he settled for mui fan 🙂

If I ever move from Singapore, one of the things I’ll miss is the bazaars that happen around our festivals.  I’m the sort, come Chinese New Year, I’m in Chinatown, Hari Raya will find me in Geylang.  So when Annie was in town a couple of week ago, I brought them to one of my favourite places to eat in Little India and of course, a pleasant after dinner stroll through the bazaar.

There’s nothing like a stroll through the bazaar to get you into the mood for the festival 🙂

Now I can’t wait for Annie to move to Singapore and we can check out the Geylang bazaar next Hari Raya 🙂

Till then, these two will be back on skype, fring and msn … the world has definitely changed for long distance relationships.  Not so long along, when my husband was in Canada and broadband was only just starting to make itself felt, we relied on expensive phone calls :p Love knows no boundaries though so I don’t think these two will let anything come in the way 🙂

Happy Deepavali weekend everyone!!


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