Trick or Treat

The other when my husband and I were taking a walk through a nature reserve, I was pleasantly surprise at how much of a variety of accents can be found in Singapore.  We have always been multiracial and multicultural but beyond the usual, in a 2 hour walk, we heard French, American, what I reckon is Danish, Chinese, Indian accents … it truly was what I love about Singapore.  It’s such an easy place to come, live and not feel out of place.  Of course, that coming from a Singaporean :p

It is more true than ever that anything can happen in Singapore now.  Growing up, Halloween was an American holiday that I read about or watch on TV.  For my munchkins though, Singapore is such a different place.  Slowly but most definitely surely, Halloween is making its way into our calendar of celebrations.  As in my last post, I actually go to work with a really cool bunch of people. So when someone came up with the idea to have a burger party at Shu’s, we were all game for it and over the last couple of weeks it evolved to a Halloween party involving burgers 🙂

I got dressed up with my munchkins and headed West to the bachelor pad of Uncle Shu.

They got right into the festivities and started having fun with Tigger a.k.a Jonah.

The costumes didn’t last more than 15minutes though, the kiddy pool just next to the function room beckoned them.

While the kids were having fun in the pool, the adults were busy dressing up the room.  Thanks to Auntie Pochahontas Daph and Uncle Mummy Danzel, the room was spooky enough yet still kid friendly 🙂

It was food galore too, from burgers to beef stew to KFC to chippies, we had A LOT of leftovers :p

Besides stuffing our faces, there were games too!!

Let us not forget the favourite balloon uncle.  Thanks to Uncle Danzel who besides doing a mean Mummy also bends balloons in his spare time 😉

Needless to say, the kids were having a whale of a time!!  It says quite a bit about the people I work with 🙂  I’ve been rather fortunate that way, I get to call them friends and not colleagues, and spending time during the weekends is something we all want to do.

Auntie Winnie took the cake when it came to best dressed.  As the Joker from Dark Knight, she asked both young and old, “Why so serious?”  Now you know why I actually hang out with people I see everyday 🙂

That happened on the eve of Halloween.  Like I said, my munchkins are growing up in a very different Singapore because one can actually go Trick or Treating in Singapore!!  Together with their chickie friend Nicole, we headed to Woodlands to be immerse in some good ‘ole American culture.

The polyester chicken costume didn’t last long though and the Little Chick became an orange dress 🙂

I was actually very surprised at the turn out.  Almost every other house was decked out in Halloween decorations and everyone was on the street in their costumes.  Even my Canadian husband who was secretly pleased with the whole celebrations was surprised at how many houses were in on the day.

Since it was their very first time trick or treating, my munchkins just had to take their Canadian Uncle’s word for it when he told them to just go up and say “Trick or treat!!”  Though I suspect, they weren’t sure what it all meant but for free candy, they’d pretty much say anything :p

We didn’t last too long and as the sun started to set, we headed off.  It was enough fun to plan on going out next year too 🙂  Next time, I’m going to be more exciting than just a witch :p

2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. Oh how fun….we had a small last minute party at Geri’s sis place, just the Ks and us. She says next you and yr munchkins must come! And oh Spidey-boy would have love to hang out with Iron-boy! But sweet Princess may be scared off by A scary ghost! 🙂 Show you my hp pix when we meet……urm….which brings me back to the point of asking you to get FB!!!!

    PS; Harry Potter, Yes??????

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