Why We Get Angry

I get angry quick, very quickly.  At the same time, I cool down fairly quickly.  Actually, that’s all relative, it depends on who you ask, my husband may disagree :p but by and large, in my humble opinion, I don’t stay angry for long.

The thing about me and anger … I don’t like it … I d.o. n.o.t. like being angry.  It makes me irrational and that, I completely do not appreciate. So in the past few years, I’ve been trying to work on my anger but in the past couple of weeks, I’ve learnt that anger is an important emotion.  It is necessary and I should learn not to stop the anger but hone it.

Without it, I’m indifferent and have an immense ability to be ever so slightly delusional.  When I’m that way, I don’t care and when you don’t care, you don’t move either way.  Forward or backward.  You don’t move.  Inertia.

Anger, I’ve come to the slow realisation … it moves you … it may be backward but in my 30something years, I’m hoping to leverage my anger to move me forward.  That’s this week’s life lesson 🙂  While other people are the ones who spark it off, more often it’s over something really small and insignificant, I’m usually angry, not with others but with myself :p  It’s taken me this long to realise that.  When I’m angry, it’s because I’ve allowed someone to disrespect me even if they never intended too, especially when they never intended to.  I get angry because there are things in my control and I didn’t.  When things aren’t in control, you don’t get angry, you get frustrated.  There is a fine line between anger and frustration.  The latter fuels the inertia and right now, I’m pissed off O_0

So it’s to infinity and beyond!!!

Besides it’s the weekend, what’s there to be angry about 🙂

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