Today is a pretty special day, we’ll have to wait for another century for this to happen.  That’s why there are quite a bit of people getting married today!!  For the Tan household, it’s an even more special day coz it’s my Mummy’s birthday too!!!  Do all these couples know how to pick the right date or what 🙂

Happy Birthday my darling Mummy!!!

I’ve always known I’d be no where without my Mother but I never realised her impact on me as my most important feminine role model till I was an adult.  She grew up with a shorter end of the stick and showed me that whatever challenges life throws at you, you can overcome anything and I do mean A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  Of course, she constantly reminds me that without God I’d truly be no where :p  If you ask me though, God gave me my Mummy so that I keep learning from her and better yet, with her love and support overcome all the challenges that life has been and will continue to throw at me 🙂

Talk about being born with the longer end of the stick 😉

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