2010 MIPCOM Day 1

I forgot how exhausting these markets were and it’s only Day 1.  Unlike yesterday, which was a GLORIOUS GLORIOUS day, today was gloom gloom gloom.  The blue sky was covered with clouds, clouds and more clouds.

That’s the view from my window when I work up this morning, which made me want to just crawl into bed. I didn’t come close to doing that though :p  I woke up, got ready and went for breakfast …

A breakfast that I thought would be casual and easy with friends but we bumped into some industry partners and it became a working breakfast :p  Then it was off to the booth and the day of meetings started.

By the time dinner came, I was completely knackered.  These back to back meetings running around the aisles of the trade show, having your A game on the whole time can really zap you out.  So as we gather into our favourite pizza place in Cannes, it took me like a whole half hour to unwind from the flurry of the day.

Good food and good company is what makes coming back to Cannes for the 15th time worth it 🙂  Company who is willing to ham it up for the camera makes me even think I can do this again and maybe a 16th time won’t be that bad.

Yes, I’m that tired and my brain isn’t altogether … so like yesterday, I’m going to go to bed as soon as I hit ‘publish’.

Goodnight y’all!!

2 thoughts on “2010 MIPCOM Day 1

  1. Great bumping into you in Cannes!! Your photos captured my stay too! I was too tired to take photos- and I brought along 2 cameras, much to Nigel’s aghast.
    And we shared the same rental agent- were you at the victor cousin apt? I didn’t see you at rue commandant!
    Your last MIPCOM? Pray tell..catch up soon k?
    P/S: I love your blog!

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