2010 MIPCOM Day 0

We are in Cannes.  Since this is my last work trip to Cannes 😉 I’m taking it all in and making a pictorial record of the trip.  It started with the sunrise as we approached Frankfurt.

As usual, I slept most of the flight and didn’t manage to finish even one movie.  I love night flights 🙂  We arrived in Frankfurt and I was cheery from my sweet 7hour sleep.  The normally non-morning people, Daryl and Shimin were sweet enough to entertain me as I snapped away.

The transit in the Frankfurt airport went by rather quick … mostly because we were in a line up to clear immigration and then having to look for our gate.  Pretty straight forward.

Here’s a pic of us before we get on our somewhat adventurous flight to Nice.  Adventurous, why?  Well, I had a window seat, which is my favourite kind.  I get to look out and enjoy the sun rising through the German skies.

Did I mention I love having a camera 🙂  Anyway, so we were there, on our way to Nice and I fell asleep again.  When I woke up, I realise we were descending but it looked nothing like the Nice airport O_o Yes, we had to make a U turn and were landing back into the FRANKFURT airport!!  Something was apparently wrong with the plane?!?!  They were never very specific about the problem, just that something was wrong and we had to go back to Frankfurt!!  So there we were on the tarmac waiting.

Waiting. Just across the plane that was suppose to be a couple of weeks old and the one that will take us to Nice 🙂

No exciting revelation of the problem and about another boring 30minutes, we were herded into the new plane where I promptly fell asleep.  This time even harder than the last time.  When I finally opened my eyes, something like 15minutes away from landing, I was happy to see the familiar sight.  We were arriving into Nice *clap clap*

Once we got our luggage, we realise our transfer was of course, not waiting for us.  Our flight was rerouted back and therefore, late.  So there we were waiting for him to come back to the airport.

More waiting and waiting so you can imagine our glee when we finally got to our apartment.  We were also hungry so we pretty much dumped our stuff and reconvened for lunch but not before bumping into our lovely agent, Laure.  She’s taken care of our accommodation in Cannes for quite a number of years now and when I was last here in April for MIPTV, she was pregnant.  So guess who we met today?

Isn’t she such a cutie?  The little one slept the whole time as we caught up with her Mummy.  Then, finally it was off to lunch 🙂

We were all hungry and happy to report it was a fine meal.  That’s the thing about Cannes is that the food is actually good.  Hang on … it’s only good if you know where to go … which is pretty much like everywhere else :p

Anyway, after lunch it was a lovely stroll to get registered for MIPCOM and the internal meeting with our bosses.

Four sleeps to go before I’m home again and I’m heading off for the first one as soon as I hit ‘Publish’

Happy Monday y’all!!

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