I’m An Autobot?

It’s actually been nearly 2 years since I declared I was going to do a stop motion project.  In truth, I’ve tried and wasn’t happy :p

So needless to say when there’s an app on the iPhone to assist in Stop Motion animation, I was on it … tell me there isn’t an app for EVERYTHING?!?!

It isn’t exactly what I saw in my head for my first project, it’s a quick and dirty one … 15minutes to shoot and another 20minutes to put the sounds to it but you get the idea 🙂  I’m all inspired now!!  Ask my friends in the office and they are about ready to tell me to SIT in a corner and play by myself because this is all I can think about for the last few days O_o

Hope your Friday has been as fun as mine 🙂

P/S: Happy Children’s Day!!