Weekend of the 21st and 22nd August

So yes, to all you single Mums out there, R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  Although I loved every minute of the weekend with my munchkins, I learnt how physically draining it could be.  I was as tired as the kids every night and though wanted to catch up with work after they fell asleep, I found myself sleeping with them :p  And it was those deep restful sleeps too from all the activities we had during the day.

Day 1 we went to the Zoo with my cousin, Gwen.  Poor baby Rachael was fighting a bug and had to stay home.

I really really enjoy the zoo and maybe one day, I’ll go back by myself to take my time and see the animals I want to see :p  Meanwhile, there’s a new show at the zoo but it’s performed by domestic pets, like cats, dogs and mice.  I’m not quite sure what to say about the show.

The kids seem interested enough to watch mice run, cats jump and dogs skip.  If it’s ok by them, who am I to complain :p

Day 2 saw us heading out early to the East, Pasir Ris Park playground to be exact.  We met up with Auntie Daph and Jonah, Auntie Yus and her babies as well as Auntie Hui Leng with her brood.

I have to say it is truly quite a fun park, so much so, I really don’t mind the nearly 30minute drive to get there.  Especially now that I have this action camera app on my iPhone :p

I love it coz the kids are always on the move and it manages to capture the moments :p  Needless to say the kids did have fun but the most fun they seem to have had was actually digging in the sand and using their imagination.

Taught me that kids truly don’t need much to be entertained.  Imagination is the key … come to think of it, in my adult hood, it’s mostly imagination that keeps me going through the doldrums of daily life too :p

There we were running around a fire engine pretending to be fire fighters in the shade.  Couldn’t have asked for a prettier day to be outside but by lunchtime it was getting hot and we headed to T3 for lunch 🙂

I love it when kids get along 🙂  So after lunch, it was a pit stop to an indoor playground before heading home to baby Rachael.

She was starting to look and feel better … at least the running nose was not running anymore so we all headed out to United Square for dinner and a bout of shopping at Toys R Us 🙂  I think part of the reason I hang out with my munchkins so much is because they are a good excuse to do things I like to do too … like toy shopping :p

It’s been one week and what would I give for this Friday to actually be last Friday :p  Nonetheless, it is Friday so happy weekend everyone!!

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