Saying Goodbye

On Tuesday morning, Erv sent me a message on msn that Satoshi Kon had passed away.  He was only 47, leaving behind a legacy of anime that always managed to leave me rather mindf*@$ed … all in a good way, of course.  From Perfect Blue to Tokyo Godfathers to Paranoid Agent and even Paprika, I’d only be that lucky if I ever get to be part of a team that produces something in a similar vein.  It’s hard to think that there will be no works from him ever again.  It became harder when my friend, Hui Leng forwarded me the link to his last words.

Made me remember that I truly have nothing to complain about … I actually don’t like it that it takes the passing of a great artist to remind me so … …

Here’s to me remembering to stay grateful and to everyone having a WONDERFUL weekend with your love ones!!

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