What Happened in July?

I’m not quite sure either :p  I realised I had only one post in July and the next time I had time to think, it was August.  Am I getting bored with posting … with developing an opinion … with recording memories … quite evidently no, since the start of August has seen a renewed burst of energy to keep this blog some what alive.

I’m just not sure what happened with July.

The being unsure … that’s a little unlike me but I’m learning my 30s are somewhat of a whole new experience.  I’m definitely not where I was 10 years ago and no where close to where I thought I’d be … and maybe that’s part of being unlike me.

Me.  I reckon ‘me’ is going through a metamorphosis.  I thought I was over with all that … I remember going through one at 13 and another at 19 and yet another at 27.  So at 35, I’m learning change is the only thing that is constant.  Someone famous said that already … Oscar Wilde … no, not quite a Wilde quote but I’m digressing.

I’m really interested to see ‘me’ one year from now and understand why everything is happening around me.  Time machines?  Where can I go to get my hands on one?  Till then, it’s a roller coaster ride I’m trying to have fun with 😉

Here’s to a very Happy National Day Weekend to everyone!!

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